Phiten Foot Massager Solarch


Product Description

Phiten Foot Massager Solarch is an innovative Foot Massager, which massages the metatarsal. This might be a feeling that you have never experienced before.
Phiten has realized that Metarasal is the key to create a great arch and relax various inner muscle which connect with Metarasal. Phiten Foot Massager Solarch is the “Only One” Foot Massager.

The Secret is Metatasal foot bar coming up from the bottom. This foot bar arises from the bottom. At the same time, the airbags keep the foot in place and push the foot down. This new innovative massager can get to the inner muscle and help creating an arch.

Target the Metatarsal (中足骨)

Control Panel:

入 means Turn on the power.

切 means Turn off.

自動 can let you pick the patter Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ.

Ⅰ-Soft Course 13 min.

Ⅱ-Arch Course 7 min.

Ⅲ – Hard Course 7 min.

強さ means Strength such as..

弱 – Weak

中 – Medium

強 – Strong


Adjust the angle by 10 degrees. When you like to make the massage effect stronger, let’s have the stand come out to make the angle.


The Foot Cover can be detached for wash.


Size: 41.5cm/11.3″ (W)   x   38cm/15″ (D)  x  22.5cm/8.9″ (H)

Color: Green

Technology: Aqua Titanium, Aqua Palladium

Made in Japan

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