Phiten® Hawaii Products

Phiten Hawaii Products are exclusively available here in Hawaii.  Close your eyes… Its Hawaiian theme will take you to Hawaii and become a part of “Ohana”.
History- Phiten Hawaii Exclusive products had started in 2005.  It was out of our customer’s voice.. “If Phiten has  any Phiten Hawaii Only products, I would like to take them back to Japan as a gift…”    Ever since, we started making Phiten Hawaii Products every single year and release them at Honolulu Marathon.  Then, those customers who run Honolulu Marathon every year, they start collecting our Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Products, such as Hawaii Necklace, Hawaii Bracelet, Hawaii Disc, Hawaii Shirts, Hawaii Runner’s Belt, and Hawaii……

Many customers are so happy since their friends and families love  the Phiten Hawaii Product Gift big time!

Here now, we have those selected Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Products AVAILABLE ONLINE!!

Please check out and feel the breeze of “Ohana”

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Q)For whom can Phiten Hawaii Product be recommended?

A) I would say…. for those who like Hawaii, for those who want to take care of their friends and family, and for those who want to stay connected with Hawaii..  First of all, the theme itself is so Hawaiish, and it will make it so great gift. Second of all, this is Phiten Product.  Handing Phiten Products as gift means that you care about them… One of our customers said “ I like to give Phiten products to my friends and family as gift because I want them to stay healthy.”  Lastly, when you buy one for yourself, you can remind of your days in Hawaii even after you get back in your state or your country.  Let’s stay with Hawaii…  please come back to Hawaii in the near future….

Q) Where is it available other than this website?

A) Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Products are available at Shirokiya at Ala Moana Shopping Center, GNC Ala Moana, GNC Waikiki, Travel Center in Waikiki right across the street of Duty Free Waikiki store, and many more.

Q) When are they usually released?

A) We release them at Honolulu Marathon Expo at Honolulu Convention Center.  Honolulu Marathon is on the second Sunday of December every year.  We attend the Expo with Phiten Hawaii Booth for 4 days right before Marathon day.

That’s the timing that we release Phiten Hawaii Exclusive products.
Please check out the Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Product available online here!
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