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Phiten Bracelet

Phiten Titanium Bracelet is another one of the all-time favorite items amongst most customers.  For those who use fingers, hand, wrist, and arm a lot, in the scenes such as carrying heavy boxes, gripping car steering wheels for a long drive, typing computer, writing a lot, and so on, you might want to look into Phiten Titanium Bracelet.

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Q) What Size of Phiten Titanium Bracelet should I get?

A) It’s also actually all up to your preferences.  It is ok to wear it loose if preferred.   General Sizing recommendation: Smaller wrist (Kids, Youth, Petite or Lean) typically = 6.25”. Medium Wrist= 6.75”  Large Wrist= 7.5” and 8” inches .

Q) Material and or Type (Fabric, S-Pro)

A) Fabric Titanium Bracelet – The fabric itself is nice fit and soft feeling around your wrist.  Many people like this because of its light weight.  This item too….. many customers ask us if it’s OK to wash this.  My answer again is YES PLEASE!!!!  After you sweat, it will be stinky time to time!  Especially here in Hawaii, we recommend you to wash it periodically.  The Phiten Technology will stay there even after washing.

S-Pro Titanium Bracelt-This moisture proof silicone bracelet is popular amongst Athletes, Surfers, Paddlers, Fishermen, and watermen and women throughout Hawaii and afar.  As well as S-Pro Titanium Necklace, you can jump in the water and taking shower with it.  Every time you take shower, it gets clean.

When you put it on and take off, please do not yank it…. It may cause some damages on bracelet.

Q) Technology

A) For Fabric Titanium Bracelet, Aqua Titanium is permeated onto fabric.

For S-Pro Titanium Bracelet, Micro-Titanium Sphere is used.

Q) Cleaning and Maintenance

A) A few common ways: You could use a wet cloth and wipe clean, Hand Wash with light detergent, and or Machine Wash with light detergent placing it in mesh laundry bag.

Q) What are Standard, X30, and X50?

A) These symbols are used for fabric material Bracelet.  It shows the levels of Aqua Titanium concentration.  The greater number means more concentrated.  It does not mean how many times stronger…

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