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Phiten Titanium Necklace

The Phiten Titanium Necklace is one of the all-time favorite items amongst most customers.

You are thinking about Head, Neck area, Shoulder, Upper Back and actually your Whole Body, this is what you want to go for…

Choose from the wide variety of style, design, favorite colors, size, and material of choice to make it yours, as well as our Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Necklace line!

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Q) What Size of Phiten Titanium Necklace should I get?

A) Personal Preference may vary.  It is ok to use a longer size necklace if preferred.   General Sizing recommendation: Smaller Neck (Kids, Youth, Petite or Lean) typically = 17”, 18”and 20” inch.  (Medium Neck = 20”, 21”, and 22”inch) Large Neck = 24”, and 26” Inch  (Local Note: If you grind and pau one regular size plate lunch daily you should get a 22” or maybe even a 26”.  If you barely pau a mini plate lunch then you get chance for fit the 17”, 18” or 20” necklaces)

Q) Materials? Fabric, Silicone

A) Fabric Titanium Necklace – This is the original material of Phiten Necklace.  You feel comfortable wearing a fabric necklace in any daily scenes at work, school, sports and sleeping time as well because it’s simply fabric.  We get many inquiries to see if it’s OK to wash this fabric necklace.  My answer is YES PLEASE!!!!  After you sweat, it will smell! Especially here in Hawaii, we recommend you to wash it periodically.  The Phiten Technology will stay there still after washing.

S-Pro Titanium Necklace-This moisture proof silicone necklace is popular amongst Athletes, Surfers, Paddlers, Fishermen, and watermen and women throughout Hawaii and afar.  Think about jumping in the water as is, taking shower with it.  Every time you take shower, it gets clean.

Air Titanium Necklace – The Air Necklace is an ultra-light version of Phiten’s trademark necklace, conceptualized and tested by world -class marathon runners asking for something lighter to reduce necklace bounce.  The Titanium Silica Foam Core cuts overall weight and is formulated specifically for those times when every ounce counts. It’s about half the weight compared to our standard fabric necklace.  The fabric shell is a mixture of highly elastic polyurethane and nylon, which allows for a claspless design that stretches effortlessly over the head.  The Air Necklace is always a big hit at the Maui, Kauai , Honolulu Marathon and The Great Aloha Run!

Q) How do I care for or clean my Phiten Titanium Necklace?

A) A few common ways: You could use a wet cloth and wipe clean, Hand Wash with light detergent, and or Machine Wash with light detergent (place necklace in a mesh bag).

Q) Similar Titanium Necklaces in the market???

Phiten is often imitated but never duplicated! More than just a necklace, it’s a Phiten Necklace with innovative technologies and an element of fun.

Q) How long does a Phiten Titanium Necklace last?

A) You can wash it as many times as you want.  The technology is there…

Q) What are Standard, X30, X50, and X100?

A) These symbols are used for fabric material Necklace.  It shows the levels of Aqua Titanium concentration.  The greater number means more concentrated.  It does not mean how many times stronger…

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