Phiten® Braces

Phiten Braces

Phiten has developed some amazing Titanium Supporters/Braces for a large range of common conditions!

Main targets are for Back, Knees, Shoulders through Elbows to Wrist, and Ankles.

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Q) What makes it so different from other supporters/braces out there?

A) Of course, there are so many supporters in the market.  Many brands have some specialized features on their own supporters, such as moisture wicking fabric, mesh breathable fabric, durable fabric, durable velcro, and so on.  On the top of these great features, Phiten has its own technology applied onto all of Phiten Supporters.  Main technologies that are used for supporters are Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Palladium, Micro Titanium Sphere, and Carbonized Titanium as well.

Q) Where is it made in?

A) All are made in Japan with the strict high standard quality control check…

Q) Care and Maintenance…

A) It varies depending on the supporters.  You could use a wet cloth and wipe clean, Hand Wash with light detergent, and or Machine Wash with light detergent placing it in a mesh laundry bag.  Please let it dry in the air under shade.

Q) Can I wear my supporter to sleep?

A) As long as it does not cut down your blood circulation, it’s OK to sleep with it on.  For more comfortable sleep, Lotion, Gels, and Tapes are also recommended as well.

Q) Is there anything that I should know about Sizing?

A) In fact, many are made for Japanese standard.  So many of you might find it smaller than normal American sizing in terms of S, M, L, XL and so on. Please check with the sizing chart which is on each product page.  If you are still not sure, please call our customer service to find out a better fit product for you.

Q) I see many product variations for the same body part, such as Back, Knee, Elbows, and wrist. How should I pick a right one for myself?

A) One of the main reasons that many variations are available is depending on how much support you would need for your particular body part.  You would want to consider that heavy duty one will give you a great support. But at the same time, you might not want to wear it for 24/7 because it gives you the tight support.  It’s vice versa…  If you want to wear it all the time, you might want to pick the softer material ones.

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