Phiten Titanium Massage Roller


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Product Description

Phiten Titanium Massage Roller was designed for face lift-up initially. But many of our customers have started using this roller to take care of their body condition as well.

It is so portable so you can bring it with you anywhere.

Facial Care


With the moderate tapping effect, it helps relax the tension of the cheek skin and also helps to make the skin firm and tight.

For Face:

For Neck:

Let’s try some pressure points!

The back of the roller has the Aqua Gold Elastomer. We use this to press some of the pressure points, which helps to excrete waste matter around the face.

Let’s refresh by pressing the pressure points!

Body Care


While we are watching TV, reading books, and lying down on the bed, we can easily massage our body with Phiten Titanium Massage Roller.


Size: Length-17cm/6.7″、Diametor-3cm/1.2″ Weight 91g/3.2oz

Color: White

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Neodymium Magnet, Pure Titanium, Elastomer

Technology: Aqua Gold Silica, Phiten Pure Titanium Bar

Made in Japan

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