Metax Massage Ball (2pcs)


Product Description

This Metax Massage ball has so many ways to utilize it.

You can use this while you are working at the desk, rolling the Metax Massage Ball under the foot. This can stimulate many pressure points while you are working.

Also, you can roll around the neck area and arms as well.

For your knee concerns, it is great to hold it behind the knees and also roll around the knee cap area as well.

This silicone material offers great firmness and just the right stimulation.

You can wash is with the water and dries up pretty quickly.

Please bring them out with you where ever you go, and you can massage yourself when you have even a little time while you are waiting for your friends. 


 82 Tetrahedral design: It is a polyhedron shape with a silicon material of just-right firmness that is easy to fit in various body parts.

Compact and Light Weight: It is the light and in palm size, so it is convenient to carry to business trips and travel. Easy self-massage where you care anytime and anywhere.

Size (Diameter): 1.7 in (4.3 cm)

Color: Navy

Size: Contain 2 Metax Massage Balls

Material: Silicone

Technology: METAX Technology

Made in Japan