Phiten Compression Open Toe Ti Socks (Short)


Product Description

Phiten Compression Open Toe Ti Socks (Short) is the perfect pair for those who want to treat their dry heels and support arches & ankles. Open Toe style allows good ventilation and is made with durable thin fabric so that it can be worn comfortably under regular socks.

Especially, this Phiten Compression Open Toe Ti Socks (Short) is useful here in Hawaii because we can wear sandals and slippers with this, which we wear all the time here.

Special features include:
• Supports the dry heels that is seen after bathing or when wearing open shoes
• MICRO-TITANIUM SPHERES® are printed at the arch

• Permeated with AQUA-TITANIUM® and AQUA-SILVER®
• AQUA-SILVER® is an antimicrobial agent that helps to kill bacteria and odor
• Soft rubber band prevents the sock from sliding down

Phiten Compression Open Toe Ti Sock Sizes:

Shoe size

  • M (22 ~ 24cm) = Woman 4.5 – 6.5
  • L (25  ~ 27cm) = Woman 7.5 – 9.5       Men 7 – 9
  • LL (27 ~ 29cm) = Woman 9.5-11.5       Men 9 – 11

90% Nylon
10% Polyurethane



Made in Japan

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L (25cm – 27cm), LL(27cm – 29cm), M (22 ~ 24cm)