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Phiten Sock King

It could be your next favorite socks and you will want a pair for every day you’re not wearing slippers…

These Aqua Titanium coated socks are made for optimal comfort and support to keep your feet happy.

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Q) Who’s recommend to use Phiten Socks?

A)Many of us are on our foot all day long… or…. Sitting on the chair at work for so many hours.  Long drive for your everyday commute to work.. Running/Walking for your exercise… even going shopping.

For anything you want to do, most of the time, you would need to use your feet.  Your feet carry your whole body weight. For sure, you want to take care of feet more often and consciously. But many of us do not take care of our foot until we notice any discomfort.

Phiten socks can cover your whole foot with its excellent support function along with the Phiten technology: Aqua Titanium.

Q) How’s the Sizing?

A) All the sizing which is indicated on the package goes by Japanese centimeter.  Please refer to a conversion from cm to inch on each socks page.

Q) How do I wash Phiten Socks?

A) Please go ahead and wash them in the washing machine.  But we recommend machine cold wash, washing with like colors, and using no bleach in order to minimize the damage onto the fabric material.  If you want to use the socks for a long time, I would recommend not to use tumbler dryer as well, and dry in the air.

Q) What type of Phiten socks are available?

A) We have 2 available socks; Sports Socks and Sock King

Sports Socks can offer you nice fit with arch support.  It says “R” and “L”.  R stands for Right foot, and L stands for Left foot. This sock is designed for each foot arch to support.

It has Ankle, Mid, Over the calf style in black and white.

Socks King is one of the innovative socks of Phiten.  We have 2 different styles; 5 Toe Socks and Round Toe socks. 5 Toe Socks in general are known that it has more health benefits using toe more freely. Also, it prevents from getting blisters between toes as well.

On the top of this, Phiten 5 Toe and Round Toe Sock has these features…

·         Arch Support- It’s built to support arch nicely.

·         Ankle Stabilizer- The unique support around the ankle is designed to stabilize ankle better so that it prevents from shaking left to right.

·         Squishy pad- On the bottom of the sock, it has two squishy pad sections to absorb impacts from each step you make

·         Silicone Dots- On the bottom of the sock, it has many silicone dots in order to prevent from slipping on the flooring even inside of shoes.

·         Mesh Materials- Mesh allows to breathe better to let the excess moisture to go away

I was built especially for runners…. But with these features, of course, many people can benefit.  Many of our customer who purchase Socks King are those who are runners, walkers, cyclists, workers standing all day long, and so on.  Please try it to see why so many people are talking about this sock heavily lately.

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