Phiten® Apparel

Phiten was able to develop Apparel lines widely after this unprecedented Aqua Titanium technology was made!

It’s almost like Aqua Titanium dyed fabric, which is used to produce most of Phiten Apparels.  It’s recommended for all scenes such as working at office, playing sports in the field, sleeping on the bed, and even taking air plane for long trip.

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Q) How should I wash Phiten Shirts?

A) Please go ahead and wash them in the washing machine.  But we recommend machine cold wash, washing with like colors, and using no bleach in order to minimize the damage onto the fabric material.  If you want to use the shirts for a long long time, I would recommend not to use tumbler dryer as well, and dry in the air.

Q) Who is Phiten Shirt recommended to?

A) Some customers say….. this is almost like wearing necklaces all around my body…   So…  many of our customers are wearing Phiten Shirt while they are playing golf, soccer, tennis, baseball, football, you name it.  Also it’s so popular to wear Phiten Shirts as pajama during sleep.  Imagine…. for 1/3 of life, many of us are sleeping on the bed in order to rejuvenate from our accumulated fatigue.  It seems like this is great timing to wear Phiten Shirts.

Wearing Phiten Shirt while working out is also common too.

Basically, you want to cover up your whole upper body with Phiten Shirts.

Actually, my cats are sleeping on Phiten shirts too….

Q) What type of shirts are available?

A) We have shirts with polyester 100% and Cotton/Polyester combination as well.

You might want to pick shirts depending on your needs based on those materials.  Please check the details on each shirt product page.

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