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Phiten Sleeping/Bedding Products are designed to support your comfortable sleep.  By knowing how important sleeping is for our life, we want to make sure that we are acquiring the better quality of sleep every night.

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Q) For whom can Phiten Pillow be recommended?

A) We would recommend Phiten Pillow for those who are looking for a better quality of sleep. Many people are suffering from not sleeping well or getting poor quality of sleep. Waking up in the morning, you feel like dragging your body up to work/school…   They usually feel asleep during the day time. And, of course, it’s hard to achieve a high productivity throughout a day under that kind of circumstances.  What’s happening to their body? Of course, there are so many reasons for the poor sleeping including insomnia.  But one of the reasons is that you are not relaxing your muscle good enough while you are sleeping.  When you go to bed at night, you are tired.  When you are tired, muscle tends to be shrunk. Then, you sleep without relaxing those muscles.  Waking up in the morning, you feel tired still and tightness here are there.  So relaxing our body while we are sleeping is one of the key factors that we want to seek for.  When we really think about Sleeping, we will be on our bed 1/3 of our life average… Then, that’s the time that our body needs to be rejuvenated as efficient as possible.…

Q) What is the technology behind Phiten Pillow?

-Instead of Aqua Titanium, Aqua Gold is permeated onto the fabric.

-Aqua Gold Silicones are placed on the pillow where you place your neck.  These Aqua Gold Silicones are designed to get a similar effect as Shiatsu.

-Nowadays, many people tend to have cervical spine straightened up. By having cervical spine area elevated up, Phiten Pillow is designed to help neck to form the natural curve.

-High quality Japanese Memory Foam with high breathability support your neck settle in the right position.

-It comes with 2 different height on the neck area.

Q) Where is it made in?

It IS MADE in Japan.

Q) How do I wash Phiten Socks?

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