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Phiten Tape

This is the Authentic Phiten Essential Care line products.   You can target any parts of body with Titanium Tapes, Discs, Lotion, and Gels.

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Q) How long can I leave Titanium Discs and Tape on my body?

A) It’s recommended to change every 2-3 days because of hygienic reason. But the Phiten Titanium property will stay very long on the discs/tape.

Q) To whom do you recommend Titanium Discs verses Titanium Tape?

A) Everybody can use both.  The discs can target specific spot that you want to cover.  And tape can cover wider part of your body.  Tape also stretch nicely so that it’s good to use it for all joints such as Ankle, Knee, Back, Neck and so on.  Tape breathes good as well.  After taking shower, please tap the tape with bath towel to take off excess moisture from the tape.  You can apply discs first and tape on the top of discs.

Q) How many or how much can I apply at once?

A) Please apply as many as you would need.  It depends on one’s condition.

Q) What can I do to keep Titanium Tape longer on my body?

A) It’s recommended to cut the tape into your ideal length and cut the 4 corners round shape, so that it will prevent from peeling off.

Q) Where can I apply Phiten Lotion?

A) You can apply the lotion onto any parts of body as long as it’s on your skin and not on open cut. It’s recommended to apply the lotion onto your whole body before you sleep for entire body maintenance during your sleep.  You can also apply over the disc/tape for more relaxation.

Q) What’s the difference between Up Gel and Relax Gel?

A) Relax Gel is for cool down. So, applying it during and after workout/any sports is recommend as well as daily life in hot weather like here in Hawaii.  Up Gel is for warm up.  Applying it before you start workout/playing sports is the perfect timing.  Also, we often apply it when body feels tight when you wake up in the morning as well.

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