Phiten® Insoles

Phiten Titanium Insole is becoming one of the most popular items here in Hawaii. This collaboration of Aqua Titanium and High Level of Shock Absorbent has been intriguing our customers.

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Q) For whom can this Phiten Insole be recommended?

A) I would say everybody who wears shoes!  Especially those who keep standing all day long, who keep sitting all day long as well, who walk/run a lot, who wear boots like contractors/police officers/fire fighters, who play sports, and so on.

One of the best features is the shock absorbent.  Each step you make will give you an impact onto your body especially joints such as ankle, knee, lower back, and neck.  We are getting these impacts from the bottom of the foot every day, and those impacts are accumulated and turned to fatigue, ache, pain, and other discomforts.  We do recommend everybody to have some time for stretching body daily bases in order to refresh your body.  But on the top of that, if you can minimize the impacts from each step you make, wouldn’t it be ideal?  Happy Feet, Happy Life!

Q) What is the technology behind Phiten Titanium Insole.

A) As you might know already, Phiten Titanium Insole contains Aqua Titanium. Also, it has Aqua Silver and Micro Titanium Sphere as well.  Sliver has been proven in general that it has anti odor and antimicrobial functions.  By inputting Aqua Silver, it’s designed to have more comfortable atmosphere for your feet. Also, its impact absorbent aspect is one of the main features that our customers are going after for.  You could always check this video to see the shock absorbent level.

Q) Where is it made in?

A) It’s all made in Japan.

 Q) How’s the Sizing?

It’s all in cm.  But here are size conversions.

22cm-25cm    Men 4-7, Women 5.5-8.5.

24cm-28cm   Men 6-9.5,  Women 7.5-11

28cm-33cm    Men 11-   , Women  12.5-

Also, we can trim them down with scissors.  It all depends on what type/brand of shoes you are wearing. So please cut them down little by little to adjust the size for your shoes.

Q) How do I wash Phiten the insole?

You can wash them by hands. Or if you would wash them in washing machine, please use a mesh laundry bag.

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