Phiten Metax Cream


Product Description

Our Phiten Metax Cream is one of the popular items among Phiten products. As similar to our Phiten Metax lotion, you can apply this cream onto whichever the body parts where you have concerns.

The biggest difference between the Metax Cream and the Metax Lotion is the thickness.  This Metax Cream is the best if you have a pint-point concern on your body since you can apply it thicker, such as neck, shoulder, arm, back, leg, calf, ankle, and so on. So it covers the smaller area.

On the other hand, Phiten Metax Lotion is excellent to cover a wider area since it spreads so well, such as your whole hand, neck area, back area, legs, calf, and so on. It basically covers the whole area that you want to apply.

You can apply this Metax Cream as much as you would like depending on your concerns.

And also, this is an amazing moisturizing lotion for your skin as well.

Size: 2.29oz/65g, 8.82oz/250g

Technology: Metax Technology

Made in Japan


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250g/8.8oz, 65g/2.3oz

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