Phiten Star Series Aero Cradle Seat Cushion


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Phiten Star Series Aero Cradle Seat Cushion will be a good support of your hip, back, and other body parts since you can lie down on it as well.  Many customers use this Aero Cradle Seat Cushion on the chair at work, dining table, car seat, sofa, and even on a bed.


The cover contains Metax Technology, the highest technology of Phiten.  And the inner part contains Aqua Gold technology with the special three dimentional structure technology for its comfortablity and breathability.

Also, what’s so good about this Aero Cradle Seat Cushion is so easy to clean.  You can wash the cover in a washing machine. And you can shower the inner part to clean! This is a perfect item here in Hawaii!

Phiten seat cushion

Let’s have our daily life more comfortable!


<Cover> Remove the outer cover if it gets dirty and wash in accordance with the wash tag. Wash this product separately from whites and light colors to avoid color migration.

<Inner material> When washing the inner material, remove the outer cover and wash with tepid water (30 degree C or less). Hang and dry in shade.


Surface fabric: Polyester 100%, Inner fabric: Polyester 100%,

Inner material: Polyethylene 100%

SIZE: 40cm x 40cm x 3cm

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