Phiten Multi-Use Fluffy Blanket Mini


Product Description

Phiten Multi-Use Fluffy Blanket Mini has such a versatile usage blanket ever since Phiten launched it.  We made the material so soft and fluffy. It’s something that you want to cuddle and cannot stay away from….

In fact, many customers take this mini blanket to the airplane for their long flight.

Phiten blanket relaxes you

Phiten Multi-Use Fluffy Blanket Mini has an amazing texture with the super micro fluffy fiber. It’s like a wool feel and so soft.

And there are so many ways to use this blanket for such as napping, wrapping as a skirt, placing like a lap throw, and wrapping up yourself.

The secret is the buttons that come with it. These buttons make it an amazing versatile blanket!

It is lightweight and so compact, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

We can use this in the living room, bedroom, on the sofa, and even at the office as well.

This is the seasonal item. So when it’s sold out, sorry… we might be able to get it 1 year later…

Amazing Super Soft Texture…

Phiten blanket relaxes you


For Napping

this is a perfect blanket for nap

Wear like a skirt

Phiten blanket relaxes you

As a lap throw

Phiten blanket relaxes you

Wrap yourself

Wrap yourself with Phiten blanket

The Secret is these buttons..

Phiten blanket relaxes you

We can wash this blanket in a washing machine with a laundry net.

Phiten blanket relaxes you

Color: Brown / Dark Brown

Size: 70cm x 140 cm,  27.5″ x 55″

Material: Polyester 90%, Rayon 10%

Technology: Aqua Gold

Made in CHINA

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Dark Brown, Brown

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