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Aero Cradle Mattress Ivory Metax has arrived in Hawaii!

Good Quality Sleep is important

We believe that Good Quality Sleep is one of the most important factors for recovery.  When we think about that, most of us are in the bed for 1/3 of our life.  Depending on the quality of sleep, our daytime life, which is 2/3 of our life, will be totally different.

In order to have a healthier lifestyle, let’s have a better quality of sleep.

Phiten Bed Pas Aero Cradle offers you the great sound sleep

Featured Materials

Phiten Aero Cradle Mattress Metax’s cover is infused with Metax technology, the Phiten’s Highest Technology.

Phiten Bed PadMetax

Its inner material is made with Aqua Gold Fiber. Phiten’s Aqua Gold Silica is infused in high-quality polyethylene.
 Phiten Bed Pad
This 3D Reticulated Structure with this high-quality polyethylene helps to support the body during sleep with its high level cushioning and our healthy rollover on the bed.
Phiten Bed Pad
The breathability of the bed pad is so high as you can see in this picture.
It’s so comfortable in hot weather like here in Hawaii. This helps breath away its moisture while you’re sleeping.
Phiten Bed Pad
And it is very easy to clean this bed pad!
This inner part can be washed with a Shower and can be sanitized with alcohol as well
The cover can be washed normally in the washing machine. The Phiten property will stay.

How to wash inside of the aero cradle


Inside material is washable.  Recommended to wash it with shower for easy wash. Do not use a machine to wash inside material. Dry in shade & ventilated, avoiding direct sunshine.

The cover is washable by machine. Put it into a laundry net and wash it alone. Avoid tumbler dry. Do not bleach. Reshape after dewatering. Dry in shade & ventilated, avoiding direct sunshine.


Do not place near fire or heating apparatus. In case of long term storage, dry well to prevent tick and mold.


Polyethylene 100%, Washable Cover Top: Pile Yarn Cotton 100%, Ground Yarn Polyester 100%, Washable Cover Bottom: Polyester 100%


Single: 98cm x 196cm x 3cm
※Recommended for Twin Sized Bed. 2 singles recommended for King Sized bed

Semi-Double: 121cm x 196cm x 3cm
※Recommended for Full Sized Bed

Double: 141cm x 196cm x 3cm
※Recommended for Queen Sized Bed

※Please refer to the size conversion chart on this page

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Double: 141cm x 196cm x 3cm, 55" x 77" x 1.2", Semi Double: 121cm x 196cm x 3cm, 47" x 77" x 1.2", Single: 98cm x 196cm x 3cm, 38" x 77"x 1.2"


Gray, Ivory

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