Phiten Fluffy Blanket


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Product Description

Phiten Fluffy Blanket has arrived to Hawaii! This year’s model is so different. This super soft and fluffy material offers you a great sound sleep with soft wormth during your sleep. This is something that you would like to keep cuddling..


Phiten fluffy blanket has amazing texture

This is the super soft texture material which consists of Polyester and Ryaon. So fluffy, light, comfortable.

fluffy material blanket

Let’s have a good sound sleep with Phiten Technology!

Phiten fluffy blanket helps you with a good sound sleep.

We can wash this blanket in a washing machine with a laundry net.

Color: Brown

Size: 140 cm x 200 cm,  55″ x 78″

Material: Polyester 90%, Rayon 10%

Technology: Aqua Gold

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