Phiten Metax Lotion


Product Description

Phiten Metax Lotion has replaced Phiten Massage Lotion with the most updated Phiten Technology!

This Phiten Metax Lotion is so multi-usage item.  Before/during/after workout and exercise,  you can see the difference so well in your body.  Also, we recommend applying this lotion to the whole body after a shower in order to make sure that you have a great sleep! This is a high-quality skin care lotion.  Especially, squalene will make the difference in your skin.

Many of us place this Metax Lotion at multiple locations in our house, such as at the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, even at the work desk.  You want to make sure that you have it right where you need it.

Also, sometimes it’s hard to apply our Titanium Tape onto your body when you are sweat.  Also, it’s difficult to apply Titanium Tapes on your back by yourself too.  Moreover, you might not want to apply Titanium Tapes on somewhere that’s visible.  Then, this Phiten Metax Lotion comes in.  It is invisible after you apply it.  We often call it “Invisible Phiten Tape”  You can apply as much as and as many times as you want.

The base water is Aqua-Gold, which is made out of Pure Gold. Also the new material, Aqua Palladium is in this Phiten Metax Lotion to enhance its performance.


Size: 4.05 fl oz and 16.2 fl oz

Aqua Gold and Aqua Palladium Contained

Body Care Lotion and Skin Care Lotion


Light Citrus Scent


Additional information


16.2 fl/oz, 4.05 fl/oz

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