Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc


Product Description

Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc is the one of the AUTHENTIC/ORIGINAL Phiten products.  Everything started from here.  This One Titanium Disc changed the recognition of Phiten in the world wide. So far, 1.5 billion discs were sold world wide. If you would really like to know about what Phiten does, please try Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc.  You would notice the difference right away.

But when you try this, please follow this way….  Before sticking it onto your body, move the affected area SLOWLY to locate where you feel the discomfort.  Once you start feeling it, freeze your whole body right there.  Pin point it with your finger.  And that’s where you apply one Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc.  Then, right after that, I mean, RIGHT AFTER your apply it, please move the area in the way you did earlier. You should know what’s happening to you already.  Then, after that, you might feel, what we call, a secondary spot, which is a different spot than before.  Then, you apply another Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc.  You keep tracking those spots one by one, and see how you feel after that.

Depending on how severe your discomfort is, we use Phiten 3 Steps as well.  Fist, we apply Phiten Titanium Power Tape Discs for the pin-point spots.  Then secondary, we apply some strips of Phiten Titanium Power Tape Roll on the top of the Discs to cover surrounded areas as well.  Finally, thirdly, we apply either Phiten Massage Lotion or Phiten Up Gel/Phiten Relax Gel on the top of the tapes.   Please try this out to really see what Phiten does. But to see it, please try it for yourself.

You can use this Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc for anywhere on your body, such as Neck, Head, Shoulder, Hand, Wrist, Finger, Upper/Lower Back, Chest, Belly, Hip, Quads, Knee, Calf, Shin Splints, Ankle, Foot, Back of the Foot, Toe, and so on.. as long as it’s covered by the skin, it’s good to go.

You can use them in many scenes, such as at work while you are typing PC as I do now…  at kitchen while you are cooking, at school while you are playing all the sports like soccer/baseball/softball/football/basketball/…, of course while you are walking/jogging/running, at home while you are working at yard/sleeping on the bed/watching TV, I mean any scenes.  Of course, professional athletes, trainers, and practitioners around the globe rely on this Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc.  That’s one of the reasons why 1.5 billion discs were sold world wide so far.

But again, please try it for yourself to see how it goes.  If you find us at expo or any other events, please talk to us to try samples there.  We really want you to try first.


1 Box / 70 Discs (Approximately the size of a nickel)

Carbonized Titanium contained

So light weight that you want to carry them in your purse.

Made In Japan

Additional information


70 pcs/box

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