X30 Phiten Titanium Power Tape Roll


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X30 Phiten Titanium Power Tape Roll is GOTTA HAVE item at every household !!  This Phiten Titanium Tape is good for all the conditions!  First of all, it’s because it stretches good along with your body movement. So, you can use this Tape for all the joints such as Ankle, Knee, Back, Elbow, Wrist, Shoulder, Neck area, and you name it!  And the second of all, it covers wider parts of body.  Many customers use this Tape for Upper/Lower Back, along with Spine, Hip, Quads, Calf, Biceps, and even bottom of the foot, on the top of all the joints that I mentioned earlier.

Depending on how much discomfort you have, you could do this as well….  First, you apply Titanium Discs on to spotted points.  Then, you apply this X30 Phiten Titanium Power Tape Roll on the top of those Discs to cover them up, so that this Tape will cover the whole area around the spots as well.  I recommend to cut this Tape into 4″ to 4.5″ for convenient usage.  Of course, if you want to apply it along Spine, you might want to have them longer like 6″ and more.  Also, when you cut it, please trim the 4 corners of the strip round, so that it will help stay better.

We recommend to replace the Tapes within 2-3 days because of hygienic reason.  But it all depends on the person.  If you feel itchy, please take them off.  You could take shower with them on as well.  Just pat it with bath towel to take off excess moisture after shower.  I recommend to take off the tape during taking shower since the tape is wet and easy to peel off.  Please try this X30 Phiten Titanium Power Tape Roll and see why so many of our customers are using this item.


Size: 2″ width x 14.7′ in length

Water Repellent Process

Aqua-Titanium X30 used

Made In Japan

Additional information


2" x 14.7' Roll

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