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Phiten Hawaii Shop NOW OPEN at Don Quijote Kaheka Location! ファイテンハワイがドンキホーテ・カヘカ店入り口横に移転オープン!

We are now officially Open at our New Location, Don Quijote Kaheka!!Store Hours:10am-6pm Everyday ファイテンが2022年4月1日より移転オープン!店舗の場所はドンキホーテ・カヘカ店の入り口横。毎日元気に営業しております。 We have various kinds of Phiten products at this location. Anyone who have aches or pains on your body, please feel free to visit us! We will take care of you! 店内は充実したファイテン商品を取り揃えております。お子様からお年寄りまで皆様の身体の状態に合わせ最適なファイテン商品をご提案させて頂きます。いつでもお気軽にお立ち寄りください。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ちしております。

Metax Tape

Phiten Metax Discs Box (pack of 300)

Metax Discs Box (pack of 300) A Value Pack of Metax Discs has arrived in Hawaii for Metax Discs Lovers! Phiten Discs are our one of the most selling and popular products! Metax Discs have the strongest Phiten titanium technology, so a lot of our Phiten users love this products. Since this products is a […]

Phiten Hawaii

PhitenHawaii.com is Now Open!! Phiten is here in Hawaii!!

Hi all!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for waiting for so long…  Finally, www.PhitenHawaii.com is Now OPEN! This year has been honestly scrambling year for us since we’ve had a huge transition challenge from Phiten USA operation to Phiten Hawaii now.  We would like to tell everybody that Phiten Hawaii is here in Hawaii!  I know that […]