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ファイテンハワイ チームサポート サッカー編

ファイテンハワイ チームサポートサッカー編 -Phiten Hawaii ✖️ International Honolulu FC- この度、Phiten Hawaiiがハワイで活動しているサッカーチーム “インターナショナルホノルルFC(インター)”をサポートさせていただけることになりました! ファイテン ハワイが選手1人1人にチタンテープを始めチタンロールテープ、メタックス ローションなどを使い、ボディケアをさせてもらっています! 今年(2021)で27周年を迎えたハワイのサッカーチームです。 毎週日曜日にある試合にむけて、毎週練習をしています。 ぜひ、ハワイに来てサッカーをしたい!という方にオススメのチームです! 気になる方はこちらのサイトまで!!

Walk and Run Club

Walk and Run Club powered by Phiten Hawaii

Join us every week for the Walk and Run Club powered by Phiten Hawaii.Meet us 9 am at the Ohana Hale Marketplace, located at 333 Ward Ave. (former Sports Authority)We separate into different run and walk groups and explore the Kaka’ako area.Free! Everyone welcome.Questions? Call 808-888-9639

X30 Titanium Sports Roll Tape


Free Shipping Included. See coupon below.  X30 Titanium Sports Roll Tape is now available online at We have the Beige X30 Titanium Roll Tape  as one of our best seller. Now, let’s find out the features and the difference from the our X30 Titanium Roll Tape. Different Features to our X30 Titanium Roll Tape Beige:   – High Water […]

Glove Metax

Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves Finally Have Arrived!!

Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves have arrvied to Hawaii! We have been getting so many inquiries about covnernig whole hands with Phiten Technology. We bought this Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves as the first Phiten gloves with fingers here in Hawaii Since this is made with Fleece, you might think that it is hot.  I would say […]

phiten shop

Phiten Hawaii Shop will be temporarily closed staring from 3/23 until 4/30 as a tentative re-openi day.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation,Phiten Hawaii Shop will be temporarily closedstarting from 3/23 (Mon) until 4/30 (Thur) as a tentative re-opening day.We have received a notice from Ohana Hale Marketplace as below. Beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 23, all retail vendors will be required to close and no foot traffic will be allowed inside of the marketplace. Food vendors […]

Team Phiten Hawaii finishes the Honolulu Ekiden and Music Relay

Honolulu Ekiden and Music Relay

Phiten Hawaii was one of the sponsors at the 2019 Honolulu Ekiden & Music Festival on Sunday May 19th. It’s a marathon distance (26.2 mile) running relay from Kapiolani Park to Sandy Beach, and back again. It’s a fun annual event! Check it out for next year. 😀 Team Phiten Hawaii finished 71st overall out of 291 teams, […]