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X30 Titanium Sports Tape is available online finally!

Many customers who know about this tape were requesting us

We have the Beige X30 Titanium Tape as one of our best sellers. Now, let’s find out the features and the difference from our current X30 Titanium Roll Tape.

Different Features to our X30 Titanium Roll Tape Beige:

Phiten sports tape is good for sports activities.


– High Water Repellent of the Titanium Sports Tape

Its material is polyester instead of cotton. Let’s take a look at this Blue Sports Tape picture. The water repellent level is higher than the current one.  Therefore, when you play sports and sweat a lot, this is what we recommend. Of course, you can use the tape on any occasion not just sports itself.  Furthermore, we do get sweaty since we live here in Hawaii. It does get hot and humid.  In other words, this Phiten Titanium Sports Tape is ideal as well.

Phiten Titanium Tape

– Thinner Material of the Titanium Sports Tape

X30 Titanium Sports Tape is thinner and softer. Let’s take a look at this Pink Sports Tape. It stretches so well and you can almost see-through. However, this Titanium Sport Tape holds well during your activities. It is perfect for joint support with its flexibility as well.

Phiten Titanium Tape

– As Sports Taping to support your performance

X30 Titanium Sports Tape is great for physical activities.  Because of its water repellent level and elasticity, it is perfect to wrap joints and wider areas, such as neck, shoulder, elbow, back, knee, leg, calf, ankle, heel, feet, back of the foot, fingers, arm,  and other parts of the body.

This Titanium Sports Tape is very good for Running, Jogging, Golfing, Surfing, Kayaking, playing all other sports, such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, and all others.

– 4 Different Colors of X30 Titanium Sports Tape

Now you can enjoy 4 different colors, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Beige. You can coordinate with your activities or outfits.

Phiten Color Tape

Equal Features to our current X30 Titanium Roll Tape Beige:

X30 Aqua Titanium is infused into the fabric.

SIZE:  2″ x 14.7′

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply directly on clean dry skin. Use as much as needed. Change or remove tape every 2 to 3 days

CAUTION: Do not apply on open cuts, wounds, or any other kinds of irritated skin. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician. Moisture or perspiration can cause the discs to peel off easily. Moisture or perspiration may also cause the colors to bleed to other fabrics.

MATERIAL: Polyester 97%, Polyurethane 3%, Acrylic adhesive

Made in Japan

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Beige 2" x 14.7', Pink 2" x 14.7', Turquoise Blue 2" x 14.7', Yellow 2" x 14.7'

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