X30 Sports Arm Sleeves



Product Description

X30 Sports Arm Sleeves have been a great help to support anybody who has discomfort in their arms.

It is thin and durable material. This sleeve fits as almost like a second skin. And it does not bother the movement of your arms.

It’s like wearing Phiten Titanium Discs around your arm like this!

x30 Sports Arm Sleeves help with daily arm care

Features of X30 Sports Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeve Compression Effects

The perfect compression supports your athletic activities by reducing unnecessary movement of your muscles.  The good compression helps with fatigue reduction and faster recovery according to the article about the effects of compression garment here.

x30 Sports Arm Sleeves help with daily arm care

High and Durable Elasticity

This great elasticity helps to fit on your muscles nicely so that it will not slide but stay comfortable even during your athletic activities. It will help with the smooth muscle movement.

x30 Sports Arm Sleeves help with daily arm care

UV Protection

More than 98% UV Protection. Protecting your skin from UV and preventing from getting sun tan outside.  This is one of the necessary items for the weather here in Hawaii…..

Moisture Wicking

Moisture Wicking Polyester is used for this X30 Sports Arm Sleeves. It absorbs the moisture and let it go fast in order to keep dry feeling on your skin.

Flat Seamer

The seam against the skin is so flat and smooth.

x30 Sports Arm Sleeves help with daily arm care

Reflective Logo

The reflective logo that shines against the lights in a dark will help you with the exercise after it gets dark.

x30 Sports Arm Sleeves help with daily arm care


X30 Aqua Titanium Technology and UV Protection

The technology used for this X30 Sports Arm Sleeves is Aqua Titanium X30.  This Titanium Sleeve has a feature of UV protection.  So this is perfect for outdoor activities and sports as well.

Aqua Titanium X30


※The circumference measurement right below the elbow as its shown on the picture.x30 Sports Arm Sleeves help with daily arm care

Small –  7.5″ to 9.8″, 11.8″(length)

Medium – 9″ to 11.4″,  12.2″(length)

Large – 10.2″ to 12.6″, 12.6″(length)


※This is Japanese size.  You might want to expect that this can be a little tighter than the normal size here in Hawaii.

※Contain 1 Pair (2 sleeves inside)


Please hand wash in cold or lukewarm water. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry. If the sleeve is wet or moist from washing or perspiration, color may transfer to other clothing


85% Polyester, 15% Polyurethane

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Small, Medium, Large


Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue