Phiten Lumbar Support Firm

Phiten Titanium Lumbar Support Firm



Product Description

Phiten Titanium Lumbar Support Firm is a luxurious supporter providing maximum comfort and durability. The supporter is capable of a wide range of support strength with the removable support belt and the adjustable resin bars. Nylon/polyurethane mesh fabric is used for maximum breathability and is combined with fabric that contains heat retaining properties. Phiten Titanium Lumbar Support Firm is permeated with our Aqua-Titanium and Aqua-Palladium technology while the resin bar is permeated with our Micro-Titanium Ball technology.

Main Body (Surface) Center Area:Polyester 100% Both Sides: (Surface) Nylon 93%, Polyurethane 7% / (Innner) Polyurethane 100% / (Back): Nylon 80%, Polyurethane 20%Main Body (Back) Center Area (Surface) : Nylon 93%, Polyurethane 7% / Inner: Polyurethane 100% / Back: Nylon 80%, Polyurethane 20% Both Sides:Polyester 100% Support Belt: Polyester 81%, Polyurethane 19% Velcro Fastener: Polyester 100%

Made in Japan

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Large 38"-45", Medium 32"-39", Small 25"-33"