Metax Knee Support


Product Description

Metax Knee Support is one of the most comfortable daily support for your knees.  This titanium Knee sleeve is great support for any daily activities such as going upstairs/downstairs, bend knees in general, jogging, walking, running, including athletic activities like playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, baseball, and other sports.

This knee support features far-infrared ceramic fabric to keep your knee warm and ready for its next move, along with Metax Technology. With a non-slip design and improved moisture-wicking fabric, it is the essential support needed for active individuals. Metax Knee Support is incredibly soft and comfortable allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility around your invaluable joints.

Taping Line Structure for the additional support for your knee movement

Phiten Knee Support

And click here for Firmer and Stroger Hold Phiten Metax Knee Brace.

Color: Black, White/Beige

Size: S, M, L

Phiten Knee Support

Length: 9.85″/25cm

(Package contains one knee support only.)


Polyester 73%, Cotton 17%, Polyurethan 10%

Technology: Metax Technology

Made in Japan

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Large – X Large, Small – Medium


White Beige, Black

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