Phiten Titanium Knee Support Long


Product Description

Phiten Titanium Knee Support Long is a very comfortable long knee support. This was designed for Volleyball players. So it covers from the Calf and Shin area to above the knee.

Great for Volleyball

But the comfortability is so good, and it holds nicely. Then, it does not slide down. For those reasons, many customers have started using this knee support to cover a wider area of their legs.

Phiten Titanium Knee Supppot longer version

Features of Phiten Titanium Knee Support Long:
 -Easy to slip on and off
 -Covers not only knees but calf and shin area
 -Comfortable fabric with the material and its flexibility.
Phiten Titanium Knee Supppot longer version
Color: Black, Beige
Circumference above knee cap:
M : 12.6″ (32cm) ~ 15″ (38cm)
L : 14.1″ (36cm) ~ 16.9″ (43cm)
Length: 15″ (38cm) for both M and L sizes
※1 pcs per package
Acrylic 40%, Synthetic Rubber 34%, Wool 26%
Phiten Process
Made in Japan 


Additional information


White Beige, Black


Large 14.1" ~ 16.9", Medium 12.6" ~ 15"

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