Phiten LED Push-Stick


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Phiten LED Push-Stick

LED stick make your skin shine.

Press and relax, acupuncture point care with “EMS” x “Kenkouyoku®”(Phiten Healthy Light)

A beauty device that uses LED Light and EMS to help address some facial concerns such as swelling, firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, and various anti-aging matters.
This LED Push-Stick can be used on the entire body, from the face to the neck, shoulders, and head. The tip of the stick is rust-resistant and allergy-resistant 24-karat gold-plated.
The slim body makes it easy to carry. It’s good to use over makeup as well. You can take good care of your skin anytime at your convenience.


LED stick make your skin shine.

LED stick make your skin shine.

In addition to the pressure point pressing function, it is equipped with Phiten’s light technology Kenkouyoku® and EMS function to efficiently stimulate muscles. It is a versatile beauty tool that can be used for both the face and the body.


LED stick make your skin shine.

Concerning below?

☑ Noticing fine lines and wrinkles lately

☑Stiffness and firmness of the cheeks

☑Swelling in the morning and evening

☑Concerned about the face line

Recommended to those who are interested in.. 

◎Relaxing the facial muscles

◎Face Lift Care

◎Increasing firmness of facial muscle

◎Improving blood circulation and refreshing your face

◎Increasing the transparency of skins

LED stick make your skin shine.

・Easy to press & make it feel good with a comfortable spring structure.

・Use it sideways to approach a wide area.

・Can be used for the entire body, including neck, shoulders, and head



1)EMS to stimulate facial muscles

LED stick make your skin shine.

EMS* is intended to promote muscle contraction by applying a weak electric current to the human body to achieve the effect of exercise. It stimulates the facial muscles that would otherwise be unused without conscious effort and provides an efficient approach. The electric conductivity gets better when the skin is moistened with facial or body lotion.

*EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation


2)Approach wrinkles with Kenkoyoku®(Phiten Healthy Light)

LED stick make your skin shine.

Light emitted from a red LED with Phiten’s technology “Kenkouyoku®” reaches the skin and approaches wrinkles.


3)Dedicated materials and design

LED stick make your skin shine.

The stick tip is 24-karat gold plated. It is resistant to rust and allergic reactions, so it can be used with peace of mind. Its size makes it easy to use on both the face and body. And the color and design are suitable for both men and women.

※The gold plating on the tip of the pin may have some unevenness in color and indentation.


4)Easy to carry anywhere

LED stick make your skin shine.

Slim body and easy to carry. It can be used over makeup. So it makes it easier to take care of your skin at work, anytime, or anywhere.

LED stick make your skin shine.

Comes with a convenient carrying and storage bag


<Directions and recommendations for use>

①Basic Pressing

LED stick make your skin shine.

Push 3-5 times in each area with comfortable strength. When used sideways, move it as lift up the skin.


②Those who are concerned about facial muscles

LED stick make your skin shine.

The muscles around the mouth are rarely moved in our long life of masks. Move the stick with the pin part of the stick against the surface, slowly moving it from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the ears, as if lifting the muscles.


③Those who are concerned about wrinkles between the eyebrows

LED stick make your skin shine.

The area between the eyebrows is prone to wrinkling due to the effects of expression muscle habits, dryness, and UV Rays. Apply the pin part of the stick to the brow area as pressing.


[Beauty pressure points]

[laugh lines] – Where the center line of the eye meets the line under the nose

LED stick make your skin shine.

It is said to be a skin-clearing acupressure point, effective for wrinkles and sagging cheeks, especially for lines. It improves facial blood circulation and is also recommended for people concerned about dullness.


[Wrinkles around the mouth] –  The area from the jawline to the cheek, where it bulges when the teeth are biting down

LED stick make your skin shine.

Beauty pressure points. Effective for sagging and swelling of the face line and wrinkles around the mouth. Also effective in relieving toothache.


[Swelling of the face] – On the center line of the eye, about a thumb’s breadth below the lower eyelid, where the bone is slightly hollow

LED stick make your skin shine.

This pressure point is said to be good for reducing swelling of the entire face and for eye fatigue. By regulating the blood flow in the face, this acupoint can also be expected to reduce facial fatigue and to have a small face effect.


[Wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles] – The hollow temple area one thumb’s breadth outward from the midpoint between the outer corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eyebrow

LED stick make your skin shine.

These pressure points are recommended for wrinkles, dark circles, bloodshot eyes, and blurred vision around the eyes. It is also effective in relieving headaches caused by eye fatigue and stiff shoulders.


Warning: Do not use on persons with implanted or attached medical electrical devices (pacemakers, electrocardiographs, etc.).
*The product is not waterproof.



Total length approx. 18 cm(7in.) x diameter approx. 1.5 cm(0.6in.)


Aluminum (24K surface finish on pins)

Power source:

AAA dry cell battery 1 pc. will last 15 to 20 times.

Technology: Metax

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology

Made in China


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