Kyo no Oshiroi Otoshi Cleansing Oil (150ml)


Product Description

Kyo no Oshiroi Otoshi Cleansing Oil (150ml) is the Cleansing Oil which removes make-up smoothly.

Act to loosen the dirt and remove make-up smoothly leaving skin clean and moist.

Why is Kyo no Oshiroi Otoshi Cleansing Oil (150ml) gentle on sensitive skin?

PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate has a cleansing and moisturizing effect. It also has good compatibility with oily ingredients and cleanses a thin silicon-based film, so dirt from the pores is removed without leaving extra oil. Cleansing and protecting skin can go together by moisturizing benefit

1) Additive Free

  • No Preservatives such as Paraben
  • No Stimulants such as Alcohol nor Fragrance

2) Anti-Aging Target

3) Good for these types of Skin.

  • Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oil Skin, Mixed Skin (Dry parts and Oily parts), Sensitive Skin

4) Targeting for these concerns.

  • Skin Spots, Wrinkles, Dullness, Saggy, Pimples, Acnes

Kyono Oshiroi Otoshi Skincare Series

  • Anti Aging (Deep Care)
  • Good for Extra Dry Skin


Aqua Gold, Aqua Palladium, Aqua Platinum

Phiten Technology

Made in Japan

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