Phiten Airy Soft Towel Blanket


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Product Description

Phiten Airy Soft Towel Blanket has its high functionality and its Phiten’s technology.

This blanket keeps Air within and creates so soft feel.

This Phiten Airy Soft Towel Blanket has an innovative yarn, which has the features of High Moisture Absorption, Moisture Defusion, and Moisture-Wicking.  These features can help to have a sound sleep in both the Summer and Winter seasons. It’s made with cotton yet feels so soft like wool.  Since the yarn keeps air within, it makes the whole blanket so soft. Sweat and moisture during sleep can be absorbed and released quickly to keep it dry and comfortable during a whole night. It is easier to get dried, so it’s easier to take care of.

This is the structure of the innovative yarn.

The one on the right-hand side has the blue part in the center.  This is Nylon material. And the cotton is surrounded outside of nylon.  So this yarn is thicker than the normal cotton yarn shown on the left.  This special yarn keeps the air within and enables to make it so soft feel for the entire blanket.

Color: Ivory

Size: 140cm x 200cm, 55″ x 78″


Pile Yarn: Cotton 75 %, Nylon 25%.

Ground Yarn: Cotton 100%

Technology: Aqua Gold


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