Phiten Carbonized Titanium Chain Necklace – Black


Product Description

Phiten Carbonized Titanium Chain Necklace is one of the long time seller items. The features of Pure Titanium is Light, Durable, and Rustproof.  And Titanium is very body-friendly, so people rarely get an allergy to this metal.

Especially, this Titanium Chain Necklace is Light and Soft Touch, so it is so comfortable day and night.

Carbonized Titanium Necklace is durable and light touch

This Titanium Chain Necklace is coated with Carbonized Titanium, which enhances more of Phiten Technology.

You can take a shower with it. It gets clean after the shower every day.

So you do not have to take it off, just leave it on twenty-four seven.

This nice looking black Titanium Necklace will make it sleek in any scenes.

Carbonized Titanium Necklace looks so sleek


45 cm/18″  (Comes with clasp)

65 cm/ 26″ (No Clasp when take off. Wear this over the head)



Chain:100% Titanium, Clasp: 100% Stainless Steel

Made in Japan

Additional information


45cm/18 inches, 65cm/26 inches

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