Phiten Tornado Chrome Necklace



Product Description

Description: Phiten Tornado Chrome Necklace features two Titanium Necklaces featuring Phiten’s AQUA-TITANIUM® technology twisted together to form one necklace. This technology is based on Phiten’s patented process for making hydrocolloidal titanium.

Colors Available:  Red/Black,  Blue/Black,  Gray/Black

Sizes: 18″/45 cm,  22″/55cm

Direction for use: Wear the Phiten Tornado Chrome Necklace around your neck, wrist, or ankle. To open necklace, firmly grasp both sides of the closure and pull.

Care: As necessary, hand wash gently in cool water. Do not machine wash or dry.

Caution: If skin becomes irritated, discontinue use. Use cation around children, the small parts may become a choking hazard. The product may also become a chocking hazard if the closure does not separate immediately.

Material: Outer: Polyester,  Inner: Elastomer Rubber,  Seamguard: Tiatanium


Additional information


Black/Red, Black/Gray, Black/Blue


45cm/18 inches, 55cm/22 inches

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