X30 Plumeria Phiten Hawaii Titanium Necklace


Product Description

X30 Plumeria Phiten Hawaii Titanium Necklace is the Hawaii Exclusive necklace! It’s available only here in Hawaii!
Many customers use them as gifts when they fly to the mainland, Japan, and other countries.

Phiten necklace is recommended for those who have concerns around the neck and shoulder area.  But you can use Phiten necklace for wrist, ankle, and other parts too.

Let’s deliver your Aloha to your beloved ones.

Technology: Aqua Titanium, Micro Titanium Sphere, Carbonised Titanium

Size: 18″ (45cm), 22″ (55cm), 26″ (65cm)

Made in Japan

Additional information


18 inches, 22 inches, 26 inches

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