Phiten Titanium Knee Brace is the best Knee Brace to suppor your knee

Phiten Titanium Knee Brace



Product Description

This upgraded Phiten Titanium Knee Brace has the features of thicker fabric with heat retaining properties, in addition, this knee brace now comes as a slip-on style design.

Especially for those who are looking for Firmer Support, this is one of the Best Knee Braces that you could find.

First of all, we recommend this Knee Brace for 2 usages, Daily Use, and Athletic Activities.

Phiten Titanium Knee Brace 2 usages

Daily Use:

This Knee Brace is great for anybody who has difficulty to walk by themselves, who needs to use a walker to walk,  or who needs any special assistance to walk.  In other words, this knee brace will help a lot to stand straight and protect from side to side shaking the feeling of your knees.

Best Knee Brace

Athletic Activities Use:

Recommend to those who need any supports to play sports such as Golf, Bowling, Walking, Jogging, Basketball, Baseball, and others, whcih needs extra stability.

However, if you would need softer Knee Support, it is available here for Phiten Titanium Knee Support.


Knee Stabilizer

Second of all, this Knee Brace also contains a removable plastic support piece to adjust your level of comfort. Therefore, if you would like to stabilize more, leave the plastic support in. If not, you can take it out.

Knee Stabilizer Best Knee Brace


Phiten Technology for this Knee Brace

Thirdly, Phiten Titanium Knee Brace is made with nylon/polyurethane that is embedded with AQUA-TITANIUM® and Aqua-Palladium.

Phiten TechnologyPhiten Technology

Adjustable Support Strength on Phiten Titanium Knee Brace

Lastly, with its detachable support band, you can adjust the strength level of support. This support band stretches by pulling it. So pull the band over your knee to the other side of the knee. So we do this one by one. However, try not to cover the knee cap. If you do not need this strap, you can simply take it off since this is velcro. In addition, please make sure that you are not cutting down your blood circulation.  Therefore, if it does, you need to loosen it up a little.

Knee Support


Measurement is done around the thigh about 4inches above from the top of the knee cap.

S: 14″ – 16.5″, 36 – 42cm

M: 16.5″ – 19″, 42 – 48cm

L: 19″ – 21.25″, 48 – 54cm

Note: The package contains one knee brace only.


Main body: 93% Nylon, 7% Polyurethane

Inside Layer: 100% Polychloroprene

Back Layer: 80% Nylon, 20% Polyurethane

Made In Japan

Additional information


Large 19"-21.25", Medium 16.5"-19", Small 14"-16.5"

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