Kyo no Oshiroi Otoshi Emulsion Lotion 100ml


Product Description

Kyo no Oshiroi Otoshi Emulsion Lotion 100ml for resilient skin

Regulation skin health with excellent moisture-retaining.

Sake lees extract and Salvia hispanica seed oil contained for beautiful skin

Sake lees extract contains three skin beautification components, “arbutin”, “kojic acid” and “ferulic acid”.  It is generally said those are effective in achieving beautiful looking skin. “Thia oil” known as a superfood protects your skin from dehydration.

1) Additive Free

  • No Preservatives such as Paraben
  • No Stimulants such as Alcohol nor Fragrance

2) Anti-Aging Target

3) Good for these types of Skin.

  • Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Mixed Skin (Dry parts and Oily parts), Sensitive Skin

4) Targeting for these concerns.

  • Skin Spots, Wrinkles, Dullness, Saggy, Pimples, Acne

Kyono Oshiroi Otoshi Skincare Series

  • Anti Aging (Deep Care)
  • Good for Extra Dry Skin


Aqua Gold, Aqua Palladium, Aqua Platinum

Phiten Technology

Made in Japan

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