Great Aloha Run 2024

The Great Aloha Run was fun but what made it even better was getting to experience time alongside our local community! The event covers 8.15 miles with twelve thousand runners participating, starting from Aloha Tower Marketplace and ending at the Aloha Stadium. Some of the Phiten Hawaii team also participated and we had a lot of fun running in this marathon with all the participants. We certainly recommend participating in this event next year!

Here is more information on the Great Aloha Run.

We had such a fun experience running alongside our local community and the local community is the backbone of success and support for any business, which is why we insist that everyone who visits our Kaheka location for the first time, first experience Phiten. Our goal is to help our community to live a long and healthy lifestyle and the best way for us to achieve this goal is to have our community members try our product before they make a purchase.

We are looking forward to future events, especially events like these and the more events we participate in, the more we can reach out to and help. We love to see people happy and we love to see people enjoying life and doing what they love to do.

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