Phiten Hawaii Online Personal Body Care has started!

At our Phiten Hawaii shop, I have met a customer saying "I came here to pick up Phiten Tapes for my Mom instead since I do not let her go outside now due to Covid-19."
Then, I asked her... "What happened to your Mom?" She said "I do not know.... but I know her back is not in a good condition now. Could you talk to her on my phone?"
Then... we started thinking of how we can support more people who live in here Hawaii better in the safe manner...
We came to this conclusion....
Phiten Hawaii Online Personal Body Care....

As soon as we started, we have received many great comments from our customers.
That made us so happy!!
And we have decided to prepare this opportunity for more people in Hawaii and Guam at this moment.

And the price is actually.... the limited time offer of $39 instead of $96. Save 60%!!! The package includes more than $70 value products as well.

This package includes

1) 30 minutes Online Personal Body Care ($25 value)
2) Phiten Products ($71 value)
3) Free Shipping