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Join Our Phiten Hawaii
Online Personal Body Care!!

Stay at Home, Work from Home... your body is screaming now...
Let's take care of you and your family's Body Condition at Home.
Learn HOW from Phiten Technical Experts!!


for Phiten Online Personal Body Care Package ($95 value)

This Package Includes:

1) 30 minutes Online Personal Body Care ($25 value)
2) Phiten Products ($70 value)
3) Free Shipping

30 min Online Personal
Body Care

We will personalize the body care for you and your family online using Phiten Products. Let's find out the most efficient and effective way to use Phiten products! Your household family members are welcomed and encouraged to join you in person during online care.

Phiten Products coming
to your home

The products will be delivered to you before the actual Online Body Care day. You will find out the most efficient way to use the Phiten Products through this online personal body care session!

Free Shipping to your home
before the body care session.

The products will arrive at your home before the actual Online Personal Body Care Session.
Let's get excited and wait for the package to arrive!

Staying at Home, Working from Home... your body is screaming now...

Shoulder Concerns

Working from Home, staying on your PC all day long is tough.... Your eyes are tiring too....

Back Concerns

Working from Home - sitting on the uncomfortable chair all day long could make your back stiff....

Knee Concerns

Need to go out for walking and running sometimes... But not yet in your routine...

Things are different in the world now due to COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot go out, meet with friends, go to school or work, we do not feel comfortable going to the gym, wellness or elective healthcare appointments...
In this situation, we need to take care of our body condition as best as we can.

Let's take care of your Body Condition at Home
by learning HOW from Phiten Technical Experts!!

These are the Phiten Products($70 value)
coming to your home.

Phiten Titanium Power Tape Disc

Phiten Titanium Discs 70pcs

It targets the pin-point concerns on your body.
2 billion Titanium Discs have been sold worldwide so far

X30 Phiten Titanium Power Tape Precut

Phiten Titanium Tape Precut 15pcs

This tape covers a wider area of your body.
It stretches good, which makes it great for your joints as well. And also, X30 Aqua Titanium is permeated.

Body Lotion

Phiten Metax Massage Lotion

This Lotion is light water-based lotion for the easy use on your whole body. Metax Technology, the Phiten's most updated technology, is infused.

Phiten Titanium Necklace X30

This necklace supports your neck and shoulder area. And actually, it's for the whole-body maintenance. You can wrap it around your wrist and ankle as well.

We will go over these items together, and you will master how to use them the most efficient/effective way.

Phiten Hawaii Personal Body Care
($25 value for 30min)

Phtien Tape

Shoulder Concerns

Sitting in front of PC all day long could bring stiffness on your shoulder. Let's find out how we can take care of your shoulder at Body Care Session.

X30 Phiten Titanium Power Tape Roll Back

Back Concerns

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair does not help your back. We need to find out where are the worst areas of your back. Let's find out how at the Body Care Session.

Knee Concerns

Going up steps or stairs, getting up from a chair, walking, running, and so on... It is hard when you have knee problems. Let's find out what other people do.

Self Body Care

Phiten Body Care

You will master how to use Phiten Products through this Online Personal Body Care Session.

After this Body Care Session,
you will be able to take care of not only yourself
but also your family members as well!
Let's learn about Phiten!
Great for every household.

Meet the Phiten Technical Expert

Toshi Nomura

Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. After graduating from Kyorin University in Tokyo, graduated from Palomar College in California. Met Phiten in Los Angeles. Then, joined Phiten in Japan. After that, transferred to Phiten USA and moved to Seattle, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Became the first Phiten Official International Instructor and held Phiten Academy in US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Implemented Phiten Body Care for Professional Athletes including MLB players and have been supporting Senior Citizens at Senior Center and Nursing Home here in Hawaii now.

Phiten Online Personal Body Care Package ($95 value)


Limited Time Offer

4 Easy Steps

for Online Personal Body Care Session

1)Register by clicking "Register Here!"

2)Select a time and reserve it!

3)Phiten Products will be delivered to you
before Body Care Session

4)Meet the Phiten Technical Expert via Zoom

Our Happy Customers

I have been using Phiten products for over 15 years.  I was never given any lessons on how to use the products. 
I always believed they worked. But after the Phiten Hawaii Online Personal Body Care session with Toshi, I learned with the proper placements and use of the Phiten products, just how great, immediate, and long lasting my problem relief can be. 
Doing the meeting from home made it a very comfortable and relaxing experience.   I highly recommend everyone, whether a long time Phiten user or a newcomer to take advantage of this!  Thank you so much!
Jaime Sumitomo
Treadmill Runner
The Phiten Personal Online Body Care was so helpful in terms of understanding and knowledge of the products. The more sessions I take, the more understanding I gain of the products. I highly recommend everyone to take this Online Personal Body Care session. It’s so good deal too! One of my most favorite Phiten products is Phiten Bath Towel. I place the towel from the pillow down to my back for my comfortable sleep. I recommend people to try Phiten as an alternative care.
Vanessa Oyabu
Line Dancer

Let's Try it for yourself
and your family

Phiten Online Personal Body Care Package ($95 value)


Limited Time Offer

Virtual Body Care
Stay Home, Stay Well, Stay Safe,
Stay Healthy!

See you
at the Online Personal Body Care Session!!

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