Did you know that Phiten Neck Warmer is a versatile accessory? It can be used as a face covering, headband, bandana, and neck warmer. Use it any time of the year!

I use it as a face covering everywhere I go (store, office, meetings, work, etc) and it’s actually breathable. 

You can wear it as a headband to pull your long hair back or if you have headaches. Use it as a neck warmer if you are in the cold weather, AC, or have neck ache.

We have them in various colors.
Dark Red, Mustard Yellow, and Black

It’s moisture-absorbing and heat-generating fiber. Very comfortable material “Solist® heat” with excellent hygroscopic heat generation and heat retention function, and soft and high-quality touch.
*Solist® heat is the material of Toho Textile Co., Ltd.