Phiten Mask Super Light Metax


Product Description

Phiten Mask Super Light Metax has finally arrived in Hawaii! This is the 4th generation of Phiten Masks with Metax Technology!

We’ve been waiting for this thin material!!!

Features of Phiten Mask Super Light Metax:

1) Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Virus, Odor Control Processed Materials make it so special.

antibacteriail processed

2) Cooling Material makes it perfect to wear here in Hawaii.

cooling material

3) Super Thin Three-Dimensional Structure will keep the space in front of the mouth open.

4) Soft and less pressure material makes it easier on your years and comfortable to use for long hours.

5) Washable facial mask. Hand wash is the best way to take care of this mask. Or recommended using a mesh bag for machine wash.

washable mask

Size: 14 cm/5.1 inches  x  17.5cm/6.9 inches

※Japanese Regular Size

Phiten Facial Mask

Color: White, Gray, Pink

Materials: Polyester 100%

Technology: Metax

Made in Japan

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Gray, Light Pink, White

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