Titanium Cooling Neck Wrap


Product Description

Titanium Cooling Neck Wrap is one of the innovative Phiten Products. Especially here in Hawaii, this is a must-have item for going outside, doing yard work, taking a walk and run, playing sports, cheering your children’s sports games, camping, and so on.

Neck Wrap various scene

Let’s protect ourselves from Heatstroke!

Just to wet this Titanium Cooling Neck Wrap to make it cooler. After soaking it, wring it so that the water will not drip.

cool it down

As it gets warm, swing it in the air to get it cooler again.

neck cooler

Place the logo surface outside for the maximum cooling effect.

Water repellent material prevents getting your clothing wet as much.

cooling wrap

It has 2 buttons to adjust the length.

cooling wrap

Size: 19″-20″, 48cm-50cm

Color: Gray, Pink, Turquoise

Material: Surface-Polyester 100%
Back Side-Cotton 50%, Polyethylene 50%

Technology: Aqua Titanium

Made in Japan


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Gray, Turquoise, Pink