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Mulberry Furikake

Finally! Super Food Phiten Mulberry Furikake has been born here in Hawaii, collaborating with Up Roll Cafe! This is the First Phiten Furikake ever in the world!

Mulberry Furikake is so delicious.

It is so ONO!  You can use this Super Food Mulberry Furikake for many different menus the way you like!. You can create your own recipe!!


It is great for kids who don’t like to eat vegetables, who eat plate lunches ( no vegetables in there) all the time. Just add this Frikake and taste better and get the essential nutrition. You can make everyday food to special for you and the family!Mulberry Furikake is so delicious.

This Phiten Furikake was made to support everyone from children to adults and seniors by supplementing the plenty nutrition for your daily life.

Phiten Mulberry Leaf Tea (Aojiru) is the item that we have wanted to bring to Hawaii for so many years!  It has been one of the best sellers of Phiten Products here in Hawaii.  Now, this is in the Hawaii’s favorite food, FRIKAKE!!!

Phiten Mulberry

As you might know, Up Roll Cafe and Phiten Hawaii have been collaborating since 2021. Up Roll Cafe serves Phiten Mulberry Latte and Keiki Power Roll with Phiten Mulberry, which are two of the popular items at Up Roll Cafe.

Up Roll Cafe Latte

This is how Keiki Power Roll started.

Anna, the wife of Up Roll Cafe’s owner, was hearing from her friend about a problem that her daughter had. Even though she was recommended by her doctor to eat more vegetables, she did not want to eat vegetables at all but was eating only snacks. Then, she started having a problem with her hormone balance.

Then, Anna told her friend about their Sushi Roll with Phiten Mulberry Furikae, which was just released as a new menu at the cafe back then. The daughter did not know what was in it, but she ate and liked the sushi roll so much. Her mom started crying with happiness knowing that her daughter finally got some better nutrition. Since then, the whole group of 6 families started visiting this cafe every week.  Then, the moms started calling it “Keiki Power Roll”.

They were so happy to see their kids getting amazing nutrition from this sushi roll with Phiten Mulberry Leaf inside every week.

Per the customers’ request, we were able to launch this Phiten Mulberry Furikake with Up Roll Cafe.

Just by sprinkling Phiten Mulberry Furikake on your favorite meals, without knowing it, you are getting Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary, Fiber, Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid, Beta-Carotene, and Essential Amino Acids. For more details, please visit Phiten Mulberry Team Page or scroll down on this page.

Mulberry Furikake is so delicious.

Nowadays, it is hard to take the daily amount of nutrition recommended by WHO every single day. Especially here in Hawaii, the price of vegetables keeps going up higher and higher.

This Phiten Mulberry Furikake would be a great nutritious support for your daily life.

Up Roll Cafe collaborates and Phiten Hawaii will continue our endeavor to make more customers happy!!


Ingredients: Roasted White Sesame Seed, Roasted Black Sesame Seed, Sugar, Dried Black Seaweed, Mulberry Leaf Powder

Size: 85 gram/3 ounces

Made in Hawaii


About Phiten Mulberry Leaf tea 

What is so different about Phiten’s Mulberry Leaf Green Juice (Aojiru)?

 1) Delicious!! You will not be able to believe that this is Green Juice (Aojiru).

 2)Phiten Technology Applied!  Help your body inside out.

And… This is why many of our customers have been drinking Phiten Mulberry Leaf Tea (Aojiru)!

Mulberry Leaf Veges


1)DNJ is only in Mulberry Leaf, not in Kale or other Greens.

If you are worried about calories and sugar in your diet….

phiten mulberry leaf tea

2)The Natural Supplement from Nature!

   Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, folic acid, beta-carotene, etc.

Plenty of nutrients that tend to be deficient!

Phiten drinks

3) Plenty of essential amino acids that are equivalent to soybeans.

     Plenty of nutrients of vegetables especially for growing children, who do not like vegetables….


1) Matcha flavor

 -For those who aim for a healthy body by taking care of the intestinal environment.

※This has a small amount of caffeine.

2) Roasted Brown Rice flavor

 -For those who want to be healthy by supplementing more nutrition.

※This has no caffeine.

When to Drink:

The best way to drink this Phiten Mulberry Leaf Tea (Aojiru) is right before each meal. But of course, you can drink one a day as well. Many of us put it in our water bottles to drink all day long. It’s great to drink before and during meals and snacks like normal tea.

Mix with:

Mix a spoon(included)/sachet of mulberry leaf tea powder with a cup (8fl.oz) of cold/hot water, juice, smoothie, or any of your favorite drinks.

You could be creative like:

Size: Pouch – 230 grams for 90 servings of tea

     Box – 2.5 grams x 30 Sachets for 30 servings of tea

Made in Japan



Uproll Cafe offers Phiten Mulberry Latte and Keiki Power Roll with Phiten Mulberry Furikake!

Please check out our partner Up Roll Cafe at

This Phiten Mulberry Latte is mixed with Oat Milk.
So Vegan customers are so happy too!!
This is the ultimate Latte for those who are worried about Blood Sugar Levels, Constipation, Cholesterol, and so on.

Now, this Kids Power Roll can supplement the nutrients that Phiten Mulberry Leaf offers.
This is the delicious sushi roll that many kids love while they are getting the essential nutrition. 


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100 grams, 40 grams

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