Phiten Metax Supporter Waist Belt Firm


Product Description

Phiten Metax Supporter Waist Belt Firm was renewed with Metax Technolgy, Phiten’s highest technology This Back Support is luxurious back support providing maximum comfort and durability.  This Metax Waist Belt Firm is capable of a wide range of support strength with the removable support belt and the adjustable resin bars. Nylon/polyurethane mesh fabric is used for maximum breathability.

Metax Back support

Additional Stabilizers Support will help to support your back.


Color: Black


Main Body (Surface) Center Area:Polyester 100% Both Sides: (Surface) Nylon 93%, Polyurethane 7% / (Innner) Polyurethane 100% /

Main Body (Back) Center Area (Surface) : Nylon 93%, Polyurethane 7%, Back Sides: Nylon 80%, Polyurethane 20%/ Inner: Polyurethane 100%/Both Sides:Polyester 100% 

Support Belt: Nylon 80%, Polyurethane 20% Velcro Fastener male: Polyester 100%, Velcro Fastener female: Nylon 100%




Made in Japan

Additional information


Large 38"-45", Medium 32"-39", Small 25"-33"