Phiten Insole Metax


Product Description

Phiten Insole Metax finally has arrived! This flat-type Phiten insole has been one of the best sellers in Hawaii. But this time, this Phiten Insole is infused with Metax Technology. Metax technology is Phiten’s current highest technology. This is equivalent to Aqua Titanium X100…..

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology

Also, of course, the amazing Phiten Shock Absorbent feature is still within!  We focus on decreasing the impact of every step you make. Also, standing all day long will give you the weight onto your foot.

This foam can absorb the impact unbelievably…   This Phiten Insole can relieve a lot of burden on your feet. If you have not seen how much difference this Phiten Insole can make in terms of impact absorption, click here to check out the video. By dropping a golf ball to Phiten Insole, it’s very clear to see how much impact gets absorbed.

Insole less impact

You can trim down the insoles by cutting with scissors to suit your feet the best.

Color: Black

Size: 21cm-25cm   Women 4.5-8 (This size is very narrow)

24cm-28cm   Men 6-9.5,  Women 7.5-11

28cm-33cm    Men 11-     ,    Women  12.5-

※Package comes with a pair of two insoles.

Material: Main Body-Acryl Foam, Surface: Polyester 100%

Technology: Metax

Made In Japan

If you need Insoles with Arch, please check out Phiten Insole Metax with Arch Support.

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21cm-25cm, Women 4.5-8, 24cm-28cm Men 6-9.5, Women 7.5-11, 28cm-33cm Men 9.5-, Women 11-

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