Metax Necklace Adjustable


Product Description

The new Metax Necklace Adjustable is Phiten’s first-ever necklace that can be adjusted to your desired size. The size can be adjusted from a minimum length of 16″ (40cm) to a maximum length of 24” (60cm) by simply sliding the adjusters.

Phiten Necklace Metax

Phiten Necklace Expandable

Designed to look stylish and sharp with a checkered pattern and square seam guards while retaining Phiten’s iconic necklace design, it is made with soft nylon outer for comfortable wear and utilizes Phiten’s Metax technology. The Metax Necklace Adjustable is the new standard of Phiten necklaces.

Phiten Clasp

Color: Black, Red, Navy


One Size Fits Most / Size can be adjusted from 16″ (40cm) to 24″ (60cm).

The size can be adjusted by simply sliding the adjusters. See below for reference.


Outer: 100% Nylon

Inner Cord: Elastomer

Clasp: Polyacetal

Seam Guards: Silicone

Size Adjuster: Polyacetal



Made in Japan 

Additional information


Black, Navy, Red

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