Extreme Wrist Wrap Metax


Product Description

Extreme Wrist Wrap Metax is here to support your wrist

The amazing material! It’s like the whole thing is the fastener. This thin and fastener-free special material “Velcroless” does not interfere with the delicate movements of your wrist!

How to put on

how to wear the wrist wrap

How to put on
You can freely adjust the tightness as the way you like by simply wrapping it around your wrist through your thumb.

The outer surface is the side with the Extreme Logo.Outside and inside look

This is recommended for anybody who uses hands and wrists a lot.  Do you use a laptop/desktop for your work and fun? You might want to think about taking care of your wrist. This wrist wrap is great prevention from getting discomfort by using fingers and wrists a lot.

Many e-sports players are also using this Extreme Wrist Wrap Metax as well

E Sports with PhitenGamer wrist wrap

Color: Black

Size: One Size

Material: 100% Polyester

Technology: Metax

Made in Japan

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