X30 Titanium Aid


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Product Description

X30 Titanium Aid is one of the Phiten Tapes that we have had so many requests from our customers.

Let’s say… we meet many cusomers who have concerns around thier hands including fingers and palm. They have been using Phiten Titanium Discs and Titanium Tapes for their concerns. Many of them like it, but it might peel off a little quciker since it gets wet when you wash your hands. Not only on fingers, they had the same concerns on other joints as well.

Then, this X30 Titanium Aid was made for those who wanted to solve these problems above.

Phiten TapePhiten Tape

FEATURES of X30 Titanium Aid :

– High Water Repllent Material

-Strechy Material whcih allows to strech about 3 times more than its original size.

-Stays strong on joints

Please enjoy how it works for you, your friends, and your family.

SIZE: 20pcs/pk

MATERIAL: 100% Polyurethane

TECHNOLOGY: Aqua Titanium X30

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