X30 Phiten Trifold Cushion


Product Description

X30 Phiten Trifold Cushion will offer  you a comfortable daily life with various support.

X30 Aqua Titanium are infused into the cover fabric. And the internal cold foam is with Micro Titanium Sphere.

Since it’s trifold, it fits many of your daily needs as well.

Phiten Cushion

For example, X30 Phiten Trifold Cushion is perfect for Car Seat, Office Chair, Dining Chair, and on the floor as well.


Phiten Cushion Phiten Cushion Phiten Cushion Phiten Cushion

This cold memory foam supports your body comfortably.

Phiten Cushion


INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE: Recommended to wipe with dry towel before use. No wet towel. Periodically dry in the shade to prevent possible mold. In case of mold situation, firstly dry in the sun well. Secondly, wipe with a dry towel along its seam line. If wet, wipe immediately.

Do not scrub too hard for possible damage.

MATERIAL: Top surface-Rush, Bottom surface- Non-woven Fabric

SIZE: Spread- 47.5cm x 84cm x 2.5cm

Trifold- 47.5cm x 28cm x 8cm

COLORS: Beige, Charchol Gray

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Beige, Charcoal Gray

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