X30 Phiten Titanium Precut 8 Strips


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Product Description

X30 Phiten Titanium Precut 8 Strips is perfect for big areas such as the shoulder, neck, back, legs, and others.

phiten titanium tapes

This titanium tape breathes well and dries quickly after sweating or taking shower as well.

It has good breathability and dries quickly after sweating.  This is perfect not only for sports but everyday life scenes.

The tape has pre-cut application Guidelines for easy backing paper peeling and application.


phiten titanium tapesphtien titanium tape

COLOR: Beige

SIZE: 7cm x 10cm (8pcs)

MATERIAL: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyurethane

TECHNOLOGY: Aqua Titanium X30

Aqua Titanium X30


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